At Frank C Raymer DDS, we offer gingival recontouring, a cosmetic dental procedure designed to reshape the gum line and improve the aesthetics of your smile. Our expert team in Irvine uses advanced laser technology to perform precise and minimally invasive gum corrections.

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What is Gingival Recontouring?

Gingival recontouring, also known as gum reshaping, is a procedure used to correct an uneven gum line or reduce excessive gum tissue that can make teeth appear short and affect your smile. This technique enhances the overall appearance of your teeth and can also improve gum health.

Benefits of Gingival Recontouring

Gingival recontouring offers several aesthetic and health benefits:
● Improved Smile Aesthetics: Creates a more balanced and symmetrical smile by adjusting the gum line.
● Enhanced Confidence: Boosts self-esteem with a more appealing smile.
● Better Oral Health: Reduces pockets where bacteria can accumulate, lowering the risk of periodontal diseases.

The Gingival Recontouring Procedure

The procedure is straightforward and typically involves the following steps:
1. Consultation: Dr. Raymer will assess your oral health and discuss the aesthetic goals for your smile.
2. Local Anesthesia: Ensures comfort during the procedure by numbing the treatment area.
3. Laser Recontouring: Specialized dental lasers gently sculpt the gum tissue, sealing blood vessels to minimize bleeding and speed up recovery.
4. Recovery Guidance: Post-treatment care instructions will be provided to ensure a quick and smooth recovery.

What to Expect After the Procedure

After gingival recontouring, patients can expect minimal discomfort and a quick recovery period. Most activities can be resumed the next day, and any mild soreness typically subsides within a few days. It’s important to follow the care instructions to ensure optimal healing.

Is Gingival Recontouring Right for You?

Gingival recontouring is ideal for individuals who are self-conscious about their “gummy” smile or have an uneven gum line. During your consultation, we will evaluate if this procedure is suitable for your specific needs and discuss any alternative treatments.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gingival Recontouring

What is gingival recontouring?

Gingival recontouring, also known as gum reshaping, is a cosmetic dental procedure that adjusts the shape of the gums to improve the appearance of your smile. It can correct uneven gum lines and reduce excessive gum coverage over your teeth.

Who is a good candidate for gingival recontouring?

Ideal candidates for gingival recontouring are individuals who are concerned about the appearance of their gums, such as having a “gummy” smile or uneven gum lines. Candidates should be in good oral health, without active gum disease or severe dental issues.

How is the procedure performed?

Gingival recontouring at Frank C Raymer DDS is typically performed using advanced laser technology. The procedure involves numbing the area with local anesthesia, and then carefully trimming and reshaping the excess gum tissue using a dental laser. This method is precise, minimizes bleeding, and reduces recovery time.

Is the procedure painful?

Most patients experience little to no pain during the gingival recontouring procedure, thanks to local anesthesia. Post-procedure discomfort is usually minimal and can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers. The use of lasers also helps reduce pain and speeds up the healing process.

What are the benefits of using a laser for this procedure?

Using a laser for gingival recontouring has several benefits:
● Precision: Lasers can target specific tissue with accuracy, avoiding damage to surrounding tissues.
● Reduced Bleeding: Lasers cauterize as they cut, which minimizes bleeding during the procedure.
● Faster Healing: Laser treatments typically result in less swelling and faster healing times compared to traditional surgical methods.

How long does the procedure take?

Gingival recontouring is generally a quick procedure, often completed in one visit to the dentist’s office. The duration depends on the extent of the reshaping needed but typically takes about an hour.

What should I expect during recovery?

Recovery from gingival recontouring is usually straightforward. Patients might experience slight swelling and tenderness in the treated area for a few days. It’s important to follow post-operative care instructions, such as eating soft foods and maintaining good oral hygiene, to ensure a smooth recovery.

How long do the results last?

The results of gingival recontouring are permanent. However, maintaining good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are essential to preserve the health and appearance of your gums.

Can gingival recontouring improve my oral health?

While primarily cosmetic, gingival recontouring can contribute to improved oral health by making it easier to clean the teeth and gums, thus reducing the risk of periodontal disease.