Dr. Raymer is one of the select dental professionals nationwide who holds a certification for both anterior and posterior BIOCLEAR procedures. BIOCLEAR is an innovative, minimally invasive tool that dentists use to help improve the aesthetics and strength of a patient’s teeth. It is a dramatic advancement in the way dentists approach cosmetic dentistry and Dr. Raymer is proud to offer this exceptional service. Ask our staff today if BIOCLEAR is right for you!


BIOCLEAR is a dramatic advancement in the way dentist approach cosmetic dentistry.  The BIOCLEAR matrix is an innovative minimally invasive tool that dentists use to help improve aesthetics and strength of patient’s teeth.

BIOCLEAR was designed to address many of the common problems of dental bonding and porcelain veneers.

BIOCLEAR restorations are great for;

  • Filling black triangles, and other defects that can be caused by orthodontia and periodontal issues.
  • Creating uniformly colored teeth
  • Are more stain resistant and durable than dental bonding.
  • Repair easily

Is BIOCLEAR right for you?

There are some people who are a perfect fit for Bio clear veneers.

People who have:

  • Healthy teeth that don’t need tissue removed
  • Sensitive gums
  • Black triangles along gum line that need to be filled in
  • If you have damaged teeth, decay or if you are looking to improve your appearance.

To learn if BIOCLEAR is a possible fit for you please call (949) 551-2606 or request an appointment at fcrdds2015@gmail.com