Here at Frank C Raymer, DDS, we are proud to offer Procera crowns to our patients.

It is our goal to stay up to date on the latest dental advances. We do this by offering Procera crowns.

Procera crowns are special because they are free of metal and very natural looking. Each crown is made specifically for your missing or broken tooth. We can even pick a color so your cap will match the rest of your teeth.

Once we decide to place a Procera crown in your mouth, your dentist will order a crown for you. After it comes in, we will make sure that it is perfect for your mouth. If it’s not, we will send it back for adjustments. Once we have the perfect fit, it is time to cement your Procera crown into your mouth.

Procera crowns are really natural because they are made specifically for you. Your dentist will even match the tooth to the color of your teeth so that it is completely normal looking.

If you have any questions about Procera crowns, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (949) 551-2606.