“I have always avoided the Dentist however my opinion has changed since going to see Dr Raymer
They are so friendly I now enjoy going they put you at ease”
by Judi

“I have always avoided the Dentist however my opinion has changed since going to see Dr Raymer
They are so friendly I now enjoy going they put you at ease”
by Judi

“Always an awesome experience”
by Anonymous

I found my favorite Dentist!!! Going to dr Raymer is like going to visit an old friend that happens to have state of the art technology and the kindest staff around. I actually like going to the dentist!! the entire staff is all about taking care of my teeth gums and smile. Love them all and highly recommend their services!!
Susan C.

Dr. Raymer is the absolute best!! I have had seriously bad experiences at the dentist and Dr. Raymer not only eased my worries, but was also a total pro! hardly felt the needle at all, and his work was done quick and so well!! His office is run efficiently, with very nice staff and very easy to schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Raymer!
Paachez K.

Right when you walk in it feels so homie! All of the staff are so welcoming and cheerful, I really enjoyed how precise Dr. Raymer was in informing me about things that most dentists haven’t done before, which made me feel like he knows what he is doing. And treats each patient of his with the utmost care. I really enjoyed my dental hygienist, Francie, she’s very personable and I love how she really explained the reasons of why people should take care of their teeth rather than just saying “make sure you floss!” and then your on your way. Overall I would recommend Dr. Raymer’s office to anyone who is wanting to have the utmost care for themselves and their families!
kainoa a.

I’ve had yellow and gray tetracycline-stained teeth since childhood. I was bullied in elementary school. I learned to smile with my mouth closed, avoided wearing white, and never wore dark lipstick because my teeth were so ugly for 50 years! I tried whitening treatments at other dentists and Crest Whitestrips. Nothing worked. Dr. Raymer recommended a new whitening treatment that worked well on tetracycline stains and I decided to try it. LIFE CHANGER! I now have bright white teeth and I can’t stop smiling with my teeth showing! Dr. Raymer and his team are just awesome!! Happy Dance!
Barbara G.

Dr Raymer and his staff are so nice and realistic with offering what is necessary to keep your pearly whites intact and gums healthy. Bummed I had to move so far from him. If you are looking for a great dentist make an appointment. I promise he won’t disappoint. I always felt comfortable knowing what him and his team did for me was exactly what I needed. Thanks Frank and team!
Lauren C.

Seriously fantastic Dentist and staff! Dr. Raymer is so much more honest, knowledgable, and understanding than ANY dentist I’ve had previously. I was actually surprised at how good my experience has been here so far.
Wayne B.

Dr. Raymer took over for a dentist I had for almost 30 years. His staff is very friendly, they are caring and gentle! So happy to have a new dentist for the family.
Marie K.

I am very thankful to have found this dental practice. Dr Raymer is such a great dentist. He is patient, understanding, and encouraging without being pushy. He spent time to explore many options, explained the pros and cons and did excellent dental work on my teeth. Francis is an amazing hygienist. She is so attentive and friendly. I highly recommend this dental practice
Trang C.

Dr. Raymer and staff are great. Everyone is friendly, concerned for your comfort and always accommodating.
Pamela V.

I’m so happy Dr. Raymer and his wonderful staff are back in the office!
Barbara G.

Dr. Raymer truly cares about his patients and the staff is very friendly!!
Keith B.

Very friendly and gentle dentist and staff and they keep up with latest technology.
Pamela V.

Dr. Frank Raymer is an excellent dentist! He truly cares about his patience’s we’ll being. If you want a pain free experience & leave with a smile, call his office for an appointment today! His dental assistant is awesome, she’s gentle the minute you sit in the chair! The office manager is very friendly and helpful along with her assistant. Need your teeth clean, their hygienist will have you leaving with pearly whites
Stephanie P.

Dr. Raymer is great. Can’t recommend him enough
Jon O.

Friendly staff and thoughtful care of my teeth!
Sheldon L.

Francie always does a GREAT job!
Kevin F.

I had a bridge with three crowns removed. It was a long process but I so enjoy Dr. Raymer, Rhonda, his assistant and Jeanette, the receptionist. They are nice and fun people. Dr. Raymer explains everything thoroughly before doing it and Rhonda helps me relax with a pillow under my leg and a blanket on me when I get cold. This is the best dentist I have ever gone to.
Pat M.

Great service and everyone is so kind.
Rafael F.

Stephanie C.

Dr. Raymer and Dental Asst Eva each have over 40 years of experience, and it easily showed from their precision, thoroughness, and seamless partnership. My molar crown replacement was quickly diagnosed, possibilities were fully explained, anesthesia was applied so I didn’t even feel it, suction straw was used perfectly so I didn’t gag like at other places, the temporary and permanent crowns both fit perfectly with no sensitivity issues, and they explained everything along the way and during the procedures, which was comforting.

I felt they genuinely cared for me and my teeth. They took the time to provide helpful info, answered all of my questions, and provided recommendations for the long-term care of my teeth. They also have good connections throughout their years and can refer you to some of the top specialists if needed, such as orthodontists for children or adults (for braces in my case).

They were also honest and only charged what was necessary, and didn’t even charge for some things that they did on their own just to double check things on their end, like extra x-rays and some photos. They also only charged according to the dental insurance providers rate sheets, unlike another office I initially went to in Irvine, which tried to charge me $200-$300 more. Janette the receptionist was very friendly and kind enough to provide me with pricing for certain dental codes over the phone, so I knew the other place was trying to rip me off.

They were on-time without any double bookings so I didn’t have to wait at all, like some others I’ve experienced, and their procedures were fast and efficient. They were also flexible with their scheduling and were able to cement my permanent crown in 1 week, unlike the 2 weeks at the other Irvine dentist. (Timing was critical for me because I was layed off and my dental benefits expired at the end of month.)

I’m 43 years old and this was easily the best dental experience in my life in all aspects. This will be my dentists for many years to come.

Mike M.

Dr. Raymer is great. First and foremost, he has the payirnt’s well-being as the #1 priority. He will take the time to thoroughly examine your teeth, explain what kind of treatment you need or tell you if you don’t need anything other than cleaning, charge you a very fair price, and make you feel comfortable and cared for every time you see him. You can always trust him to do what’s best for you! Make an appointment; you will be glad you did.

Trish L.

Dr. Raymer is the best dentist I ever had and will not go to another. He is so good with me an my family. We have never had a more patient dentist and one that always makes you feel relaxed and important. Every patient gets the Dr. Raymer special and that is him being able to make going to the dentist a positive experience. We are just thankful for Dr. Raymer. He has done so much good for all of my family. Today our teeth are better than when we started. We have not had that with other dentist. Thank you Dr. Raymer and staff for your professionalism. Best team all around….
Mark C.

Dr Raymer is the greatest! So grateful that he decided to open another practice!
Laina C.

Highly experienced, very ethical, honest, and all around great dentist.
Sandi C.

Best dentist to my experience. I highly recommend.

Very focused on Covid 19 safety. Hope they aren’t over doing it?

I feel like he’s thinking about everything he does and that I get good dental care

Bob D.

Thank you Harish, We appreciate having you as a patient

Harish V.

One of the most skilled dentists and team ever! They provide excellent care. Making sure your health is number one and your teeth are sparkling and clean. Even if you need dental work done you are in good hands with their years of expertise, which is a great comfort. Also the office manager and support team is knowledgeable and has great expertise in making sure your taken care of at each visit. The best part is the compassion in caring for you in a no stress and relaxed environment, you feel no anxiety knowing they care so much.


Dr Raymer is the best dentist ever. He investigates and invests in the best technology for his patients dental care. My last crown was the best I’ve ever had, and he even fixed an old crown I had that wasn’t quite working. And even with all that, he has gotten a new scanner that makes even better crowns. I have bad gums (by birth) and he added a laser to his Arsenal for plaque removal. I believe it has saved me from further bone loss.
And Francie is the best hygienist ever. What’s not to love?

Rich Y.

Dr. Raymer and his entire staff are first rate professionals who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and highly skilled. They are sensitive to the patient’s needs and are able to address any concerns that you may have. I would highly recommend them.

Kevin M.

Dr. Raymer and his entire staff are first rate professionals who are knowledgeable, compassionate, and highly skilled. They are sensitive to the patient’s needs and are able to address any concerns that you may have. I would highly recommend them.

Al H.

In this time of COVID-19, I feel very safe with all the precautions that Dr Raymer and his staff have implemented.

Ann B.

I never had so much fun and love at the dentist office and Frank Raymer does Amazing work…..I have been going to him for many years….I always tell my friends about him…..

David H.

Friendly staff – been going here for a few years now – always leave feeling clean and fresh… nothing major just routine cleanings… but team here is very nice, professional and detailed in their dental care.

Kurt M.

I have never felt more comfortable being in a Dentist office than I did today, They are an excellent office and would definitely recommend that to all my friends that need a new dentist.
I am not a fan of the dentist but they made me feel very comfortable.

Judi H.

I am not a person who generally Writes reviews but my experience with Dr. Raymer. merits the effort. First he doesn’t push procedures and products like so many dentists do these days. Dr. Raymer. is a good communicator. He presents options with pros and cons for my treatment plan. He even reviewed my treatment plan with other family members to sure that everyone understands the options. He Is thoughtful. He has called to follow up after significant dental work to see how I was feeling. He refers you out to a specialist when the work is required or is not within his expertise. More importantly he does good work. We have been happy with all the dental work he has done for my husband and myself. I would definitely recommend him for your dental needs

Eileen O.

On time, knowledgeable, concerned about me, thorough, nice.

Tudy T.

Great care and Francie does the best cleaning. Your teeth health are in great hands with Dr. Raymer.

Lisa A.

I love Francie & Dr Raymer, they treat you well and always listens to you. Francie cleans my teeth twice a year like clock work and does a great job !

Sondra P.

Very nice and professional people.

Natalia B.

Great Family owned business. Friendly and trustworthy staff!

Chris A.

There are many dentists close by where I live but I’m willing to drive a distance to have Frank Raymer as my dentist….Wonderful people great quality work.

David H.

Every single person in the office was very very kind.
I have been suffering from receding gums, bone loss, grinding and sensitive teeth but none of the practices were able to offer me a practical plan so far… Dr. Raymer and his staff know what they’re doing. He offered me a plan to start with and the plan is very clear, sounds practical for my receding gums, bone loss and grinding.
He offered me a few plans for my whitening concerns too. Since I have very sensitive teeth I am not able to try the mainstream methods.
His practice is not commercial which makes me trust in his suggestions.
First time ever I had a pain free dental cleaning session today.
No wait time at all.
They even offered me a cozy fleece blanket because I was feeling cold.
I would definitely recommend his practice.

Deniz K.

Everyone was very friendly and made me feel like I had been coming for years even though it was my first visit.

Everyone who worked with me explained everything they were doing and answered all my questions.

Daniel R.

Honestly, the nicest Dr. in Dentistry I’ve ever met. The staff follows suit, more than accommodating and always leave feeling that I’m glad I found a REAL dentist. I have been to many, they all just made my issues worse as being a diabetic.
I will continue to recommend Dr. Frank Raymer to all my friends and family, some of my clients as well.
I would have to say I’m beyond pleased with the whole experience as not many enjoy going to the Debtist, I feel like family when there and in emergencies, Dr. Raymer is ALWAYS available, and gives the correct advice and treatment plans.
Thank you Dr., and your absolutely fantastic office staff, all of you!!
Much love

Jeffrey K.

Dr.Raymer is the best at doing his job and makes all patients feal wellcome the first thing when they come in there office I think you should go to this dental office because he is the best st doing his

Charlie S.

Dr. Raymer has been our family dentist for over 20 years and 5 of us as well as our employees. Great guy and wonderful staff

John C.